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Abyssinian Blue-winged Goose

Cyanochen cyanopterus

Abyssinian blue-winged geese are actually part of the shelduck family and are not true geese!



Size: 60 – 75cm
Weight: 1.3 -2.3kg



Abyssinian blue-winged geese are found in the highlands of Ethiopia in wetlands, pools, swamps and streams. They are often found in pairs, or occasionally in large groups.



They feed mainly on grass and other vegetation, but also eat worms, insects and small reptiles. They are mainly nocturnal (active at night) feeders.



The gander (male) remains close to the nest and only moves to chase away geese or ducks that may approach. Around 6 eggs are laid and goslings hatch within 32 days.



The Abyssinian blue-winged goose is threatened in the wild due to the drainage and degradation of their wetland habitat. They are also now hunted to be sold as meat.

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