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With our apologies for any disappointment caused over the weekend, we are pleased to confirm that Eureka is open again today.

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Bird of Prey Flying Display

Located at the Bird of Prey Centre. You can come face to face with the magnificent bald eagle and beautiful owls.

Available April to September

(weather dependant).

African Wood Owl

Strix woodfordii

The wood owl is one of over 45 species of owl found in Africa. It is a medium sized owl, around 35 cm in height.



Size: 30 - 36cm
Weight: Male – 240 - 270g, Female – 285 - 350g



The African wood owl inhabits forests and woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa.



The African wood owl is nocturnal (active at night) and hunts for small mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.



African wood owls nest in tree hollows. The female lays between 1 to 3 eggs that she incubates for about 1 month. The young fledge (are fully ready for flight) at around 4 months old.



African wood owls are not believed to be endangered as they have a large population that appears to be stable.

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