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Cotton-top Tamarin

Saguinus oedipus

Tamarins are small ‘New World’ monkeys. The cotton-top tamarin is so-named for its fluffy white crest.



Size: Head/body length – 20 - 25cm, Tail length – 33 - 40cm
Weight: 410 - 430g



These tamarins are found in areas of both humid and dry forest in northwest Colombia.



Fruit forms the main part of their diet and insects are also eaten. They use every layer of the rainforest, even descending to the ground to hunt grasshoppers!



Cotton-top tamarins live in extended family groups of up to 40 animals. After a pregnancy of 5 months, twins are most commonly born.



Cotton-top tamarins are seriously threatened in the wild due to the loss of their forest habitat through clearance for settlements and agriculture. In the zoo they are part of a European Breeding Programme to help protect their numbers in captivity.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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