Roadtrain and Eureka Update

The Roadtrain at the zoo has, regretfully, broken down. As a result there will be no service around the zoo this weekend as a minimum. We sincerely apologise for any disappointment this may cause. Please note that due to essential maintenance, Eureka, our indoor sub-tropical house, will be closed to guests on Monday 25th June. We apologise for any convenience.

Admission Prices Inc. Donation Exc. Donation
Adult £21.00 £19.00
Children (3-15 Years) £14.95 £13.55
Under 3's FREE FREE
Senior Citizen (65 Years+) £18.95 £17.20
Registered Disabled    
Child / Adult / Carer £10.50 £9.50

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Our Magnificent

Amur Tiger

Panthera tigris altaica

Azara’s Agouti

Dasyprocta azarae

Bactrian Camel

Camelus bactrianus

Black & White Ruffed Lemur

Varecia variegata variegata

Black Howler Monkey

Alouatta caraya

Black-headed Spider Monkey

Ateles fusiceps rufiventris

Blue-eyed Black Lemur

Eulemur flavifrons

Californian Sea Lion

Zalophus californianus


Acinonyx jubatus

Coppery Titi Monkey

Callicebus cupreus

Cotton-top Tamarin

Saguinus oedipus

Egyptian Fruit Bat

Rousettus aegyptiacus

Emperor Tamarin

Saguinus imperator

Gelada Baboon

Theropithecus gelada

Geoffroy’s Marmoset

Callithrix geoffroyi


Giraffa camelopardalis

Goeldi’s Monkey

Callimico goeldii

Golden Lion Tamarin

Leontopithecus rosalia

Golden-headed Lion Tamarin

Leontopithecus chrysomelas

Maned Wolf

Chrysocyon brachyurus


Leopardus pardalis

Pallas Cat

Otocolobus manul

Prairie Marmot

Cynomys ludivicianus

Red Kangaroo

Macropus rufus

Red Panda

Ailurus fulgens

Red Ruffed Lemur

Varecia rubra

Red-bellied Lemur

Eulemur rubriventer

Sambirano Bamboo Lemur

Hapalemur occidentalis


Symphalangus syndactylus

Silvery Marmoset

Mico argentatus

Snow Leopard

Panthera uncia

Sri Lankan Leopard

Panthera pardus kotiya

Taiwanese Sika Deer

Cervus nippon taiouanus

White-bellied Pygmy Marmoset

Callithrix pygmaea niveiventris

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