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Rothschild’s Mynah

Leucopsar rothschidli

Also known as the Bali starling, the Rothschild’s mynah is part of the starling family ‘Sturnidae’. It is the national bird of Bali.



Size: 18cm
Weight: 81-91g



This species is endemic (found only in one place) to the Indonesian island of Bali. It is found in savannahs and shrub land during breeding season and woodlands and forests throughout the rest of the year.



The Rothschild’s mynah is an omnivore (meat and plant eater) eating insects, fruit and seeds.



The female lays the eggs in a twig nest in a tree hole or a branch, or sometimes in old woodpecker nests. The eggs are turquoise in colour and hatch after 14 days.



There are probably only around 50 mature Rothschild’s mynah birds left in the wild! Although protected these birds are still threatened by hunting for the captive bird trade. A successful captive breeding programme is helping to increase numbers. Our Rothschild’s mynahs are part of a European Breeding Programme coordinated by Cologne Zoo, Germany.

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