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There are over 3,000 species of stick insects in the world with new species being discovered all the time! They belong to the Order Phasmida – meaning ‘phantom’ due to their amazing ability to disappear into their surroundings!

Vietnamese Walking Stick

Phryganistria heusii yentuensis

These are the second longest stick insects in the world, with a body length of up to 32cm. They were only discovered in 2014!



Size Body length up to 32cm
Weight: Less than 5g!



This species of stick insect is native to rainforests of Vietnam and was discovered in the Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve in the Bac Gaing province.



All stick insects are herbivores (eating only vegetation), and this species is believed to eat a variety of leaves in the wild. In the zoo, our walking sticks feed on a variety of plants including bramble, rose and hazelnut leaves.



Females can lay up to 25 to 30 eggs per week! These eggs are incubated for around 5-6 months. The young become adult at around 5 months of age.



The Vietnamese walking stick has not been evaluated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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