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African Harrier Hawk

Polyboroides typus

Harrier hawks are birds of prey closely related to eagles, hawks and kites. There are two species; the African and the Madagascan harrier hawk.



Size: 65cm
Weight: 555-950g



African harrier hawks occupy forested and woodland habitats, usually along river valleys, in Africa, south of the Sahara.



They search in tree hollows for nesting birds such as barbets and starlings and also hunt small mammals and reptiles. They have also been seen to feed on the husks of palm fruits!



Nests are built on tree canopies or in rock crevices from thin sticks and leaves. The male and female share the incubation of the eggs for around 35 days until they hatch.



The African harrier hawk is not believed to be endangered because of its large range and stable population.

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