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The Andes are the longest mountain range on land, and are also home to the highest mountain outside Asia, Aconcagua, which is located in Argentina.

La Hacienda

As well as exotic animals, Banham Zoo is also home to domestic animals from around the world.

Many of these can be seen in ‘La Hacienda’ near to the zoo entrance. Here you will see the pygmy goats from Africa, guinea pigs from South America, and Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand as well as many more!

Pygmy Goat 1

You can also visit our infamous rat room and see how many you can spot – You can even give them a bite to eat!

In ‘La Hacienda’ you will be able to touch or feed some of the animals, however for health and safety reasons we ask that if you touch any of the animals or their enclosure barriers, you use the hand washing facilities available.

Kune Pig


Vicugna pacos



The alpaca is a domestic species, believed to be descended from the vicuña, the national animal of Peru. They are kept in herds that graze in the Andes mountains, but are also now found all over the world as a domestic species.



Alpacas are grazers, feeding on grasses and other plants. Like other members of the camel family, alpacas have a three-chambered stomach, allowing them to extract as much nutrition from their food as possible.



After a pregnancy of over eleven months; one young, called a cria, is born, although twins are sometimes seen. Young are weaned at around six months of age and can live for around 15 - 20 years.



Alpaca are domesticated animals so are not endangered. They were bred for their fur, known as alpaca fibre, as it is warm, silky and also hypo-allergenic.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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Bactrian Camel

Camelus bactrianus

Pygmy Goat

Capra hircus


Lama glama

Kune Kune Pig

Sus scrofa scrofa kunekune

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