Important Notice

Please be aware that due to construction work our main catering outlets are currently closed for some exciting development work.  However, a limited menu is available from our smaller take away outlets and some sheltered seating near the entrance. We will soon be reopening a table seated pizzeria and a locally sourced all day menu café. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates!

Admission Prices Inc. Donation Exc. Donation
Adult £22.00 £20.00
Children (3-15 Years) £16.50 £15.00
Under 3's £1.10 £1.00
Concession (Senior 65+/Student) £19.25 £17.50
Registered Disabled    
Child / Adult / Carer £11.00 £10.00

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We are open until


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Sat Nav: NR16 2HE, Kenninghall Road

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Our Beautiful

African Wood Owl

Strix woodfordii

Barn Owl

Tyto alba guttata

Black-footed Penguin

Spheniscus demersus

Boobook Owl

Ninox novaeseelandiae

Brown Wood Owl

Strix leptogrammica

Cape Teal

Anas capensis

Chilean Flamingo

Phoenicopterus chilensis

Ducorp’s Cockatoo

Cacatua ducorpsii

East African Crowned Crane

Balearica regulorum gibberceps


Dromaius novaehollandiae

European Eagle Owl

Bubo bubo bubo


Eolophus roseicapilla

Giant Wood Rail

Aramides ypecaha

Great Grey Owl

Strix nebulosa lapponica

Green-winged Dove

Chalcophaps indica

Grey Peacock Pheasant

Polyplectron bicalcaratum

Harris Hawk

Parabuteo unicinctus

Hooded Vulture

Necrosyrtes monachus

Hottentot Teal

Anas hottentota


Falco tinnunculus


Dacelo novaeguineae

Little Egret

Egretta garzetta

Milky Eagle Owl

Bubo lacteus

Red-breasted Goose

Branta ruficollis

Red-crested Turaco

Tauraco erythrolophus

Red-legged Seriema

Cariama cristata

Rothschild’s Mynah

Leucopsar rothschidli

Rufous-legged Owl

Strix rufipes

Scarlet Ibis

Eudocimus ruber

Senegal Turaco

Tauraco persa buffoni

Snowy Owl

Bubo scandiacus

Southern white faced owl

Ptilopsis leucotis

Spectacled Owl

Pulsatrix perspicillata

Striated caracara

Phalcoboenus australis

Sun Conure

Aratinga solstitialis


Eurypyga helias

Swainson’s Lorikeet

Trichoglossus moluccanus

Temminck’s Tragopan

Tragopan temminckii

Trumpeter Hornbill

Bycanistes bucinator

White-faced Tree Duck

Dendrocygna viduata

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