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Black-headed Spider Monkey

Ateles fusiceps rufiventris

Please Note: This species is temporarily off show, please keep an eye on this page for more updates

Spider monkeys are a species of ‘New World’ primate, with very strong prehensile tails. These tails are used like an extra limb and are extremely sensitive.



Size: Male - 37-59m, Female - 45-55cm
Weight: Male - 8.9kg, Female - 8.8kg



This species of spider monkey lives in the rainforests of Colombia and Panama in Central America.



They feed during the day and their diet is mostly made up of fruit, but they also eat young leaves, nuts, buds, seeds and invertebrates.



1 infant is born after a 7 ½ month pregnancy. There is approximately 3 years between births.



This monkey is seriously threatened in the wild due to habitat loss and fragmentation. It is found in some national parks, although only in small numbers. These spider monkeys are part of a European Breeding programme and have bred successfully here at the zoo.

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