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Black & White Ruffed Lemur

Varecia variegata variegata

Ruffed lemurs, like all lemurs, are prosimians. They are 'so-named' because of their tufted ears and ruff round their necks.



Size: Head-body length – 50 - 55cm, Tail length – 60 - 65cm
Weight: 3 - 4.5kg



Black & white ruffed lemurs live on the east coast of Madagascar in the lowland to mid-altitude rain forests.



Their diet consists mainly of fruit and nectar but they will also eat flowers, leaves and seeds.



Black & white ruffed lemurs give birth to up to 6 young after around a 3month pregnancy, in a well concealed nest constructed of twigs, leaves and vines.



Numbers of black & white ruffed lemurs are believed to have dropped by up to 80% in less than 30 years. This is mainly due to habitat loss and hunting. Like most of the lemurs in the zoo, they are part of a European breeding programme.

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