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Chilean Flamingo

Phoenicopterus chilensis

Flamingos are relatives of the herons and storks. There are 6 species and this species can be recognised by its grey legs with pink joints.



Size: 105cm
Weight: 2.3kg



Chilean flamingos are found in the high wetlands and coastal estuaries of South America.



Their unusually shaped beaks are specialized for filter feeding on small animals and microscopic plant life taken from the mud or water.



Chilean flamingos usually lay 1 egg at a time that both parents incubate. The chick begins life with a straight beak that will grow into its unique curved shape by around 3 months old.



Numbers of Chilean flamingo are decreasing in the wild, mainly through egg collection and habitat loss. They are also affected by mining and disruption by tourists. Chilean flamingos first arrived at Banham Zoo in 1972. We keep a flock of around 40 birds, as this is thought to be the optimum number for breeding. The flamingos have bred well here at the zoo.

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