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Coppery Titi Monkey

Plecturocebus cupreus

There are many species of titi monkey, all found in the forests of South America. They are diurnal (active during the day).



Size: Head – Body Length - 30-40cm
Weight: 700-1200g



The coppery titi monkey is found in the rainforests of Peru, Brazil and Colombia, where they forage for food in the lower levels of the canopy.



The titi monkey feeds mainly on fruit, but also eats leaves, flowers, seeds and insects.



After a pregnancy of around 4½ months the female gives birth to a single infant. Coppery titi monkeys mate for life and live in small family groups of parents and 2 to 3 young. The young spend the majority of their time with their father.



The coppery titi monkey is not classed as endangered as they are found in remote regions of the Amazon, away from current disturbance. However future forest clearance would pose a threat. Our titi monkeys are part of a European Breeding Programme and arrived in September 2013 from Twycross Zoo and Shaldon Wildlife Park.

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