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Activities & Education Centre

Due to ongoing maintenance work, the Activities & Education Centre is currently closed. We apologise for any disappointment. We hope to be ready to welcome visitors very soon!

Our large, indoor Education Centre is the ideal spot for younger visitors to discover more about the natural world – and also to let off some steam! The Centre includes a soft play area for young children, puzzles & games, as well as the chance to get hands on with some amazing animal artefacts!

The Centre is also home to a number of reptile, invertebrate and small mammal species  – so don’t miss the opportunity to see these amazing animals up close.


Curlyhair tarantula

Brachypelma albopilosum

These tarantulas are named after the long gold hairs covering their body and legs. Males are often lighter in colour than females.



Curlyhair tarantulas have a legspan of around 15 - 17cm



Curlyhair tarantulas are found in the rainforests of Costa Rica and Nicaragua in Central America. They are a burrowing species, often found at the base of trees.



The curlyhair tarantula is mainly a nocturnal (active at night) predator, eating a variety of insects, millipedes and even small mammals such as mice.



Around three months after mating, female curlyhair tarantulas lay over 400 eggs in a specially made egg sac. The spiderlings are pale yellow in colour on hatching.



These tarantulas are not classed as endangered, however their numbers are decreasing in the wild due to habitat loss and collection for the pet trade. Trade in this species is regulated by the Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

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