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Golden-headed Lion Tamarin

Leontopithecus chrysomelas

Tamarins are small ‘New World’ monkeys. There are four species of lion tamarin: the black, the golden, the black-faced and the golden-headed – all named for their manes!



Size: 20-33cm, Tail length – 31-40cm
Weight: 360-710g



These tamarins are found mainly in the primary forests of Bahia in eastern Brazil. They spend most of their time in the forest canopy.



Lion tamarins mainly eat insects and fruit, but will also eat spiders, snails, small lizards as well as birds and eggs!



They live in family groups of 2 to 8 individuals. The female is pregnant for around 4 months, giving birth to 1 or 2 young.



Golden-headed lion tamarins are threatened in the wild by the destruction of their forest habitat. There are estimated to be only around 6,000 – 15,000 of these tamarins left in the wild. In the zoo they are part of a European Breeding Programme to help protect their numbers in captivity.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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