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Bird of Prey Flying Display

Located at the Bird of Prey Centre. You can come face to face with the magnificent bald eagle and beautiful owls.

Available April to September

(weather dependant).

Hooded Vulture

Necrosyrtes monachus

Hooded vultures are one of the smallest species of Old World vulture and are closely related to the hawks and eagles.



Size: 54-56cm
Weight: 1.5 - 2.6kg



The hooded vulture is generally found in areas of savannah and is the only vulture to be commonly found around towns and villages.



Hooded vultures mainly feed on carrion (dead meat), insects and even refuse!



Pairs roost together outside the breeding season, often remaining close to the breeding site. The male will feed the female while she incubates the egg.



This vulture has recently been classified as ‘Critically Endangered’ following a dramatic decline in numbers. This is due to an increase in poisoning and hunting for traditional medicine, bushmeat and intentional mis-selling as chicken.

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