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Bird of Prey Flying Display

Located at the Bird of Prey Centre. You can come face to face with the magnificent bald eagle and beautiful owls.

Available April to September

(weather dependant).


Falco tinnunculus

Kestrels are part of the falcon family. They are often spotted hovering in the air, particularly near roadsides, whilst they search for their prey.



Size: 32-39cm, Wingspan – 65 - 82cm
Weight: Male – 136 - 252g, Female – 154 - 314g



These birds have a wide distribution across Africa, Asia and Europe, and live in a variety of habitats from sub-desert to woodland and even in cities.



Kestrels feed mainly on small mammals, but will also eat insects, small birds and reptiles. They see in ultraviolet light, so they often hunt at dusk and dawn, following the trails left by their prey’s urine.



Kestrels nest in trees or on rock faces and building ledges. The female incubates between 1 to 7 eggs for a month while the male hunts for them both.



Kestrels are not classed as endangered but they are listed on CITES, a charter that limits or forbids the export of certain animals.

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