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Red-bellied Lemur

Eulemur rubriventer

Red-bellied lemurs, like all lemurs, are prosimians, which means they are closely related to monkeys and other primates.



Size: Head-body length – 35 - 40cm, Tail length – 43 - 53cm
Weight: 1.6 - 2.4kg



The red-bellied lemur is found throughout the mountainous rainforests of eastern Madagascar.



In the wild red-bellied lemurs will eat mostly fruit, flowers and leaves and are actually important seed dispersers for many plants.



The female usually gives birth to 1 young after a pregnancy of around 4 months, however twins are not uncommon. Unusually amongst lemurs, the male red-bellied lemur takes an active part in rearing the single young, and helps carry them around for the first 3 months.



The major threats to the red-bellied lemurs are habitat loss, for agriculture and timber, and hunting. In the zoo they are part of a European Breeding Programme to help protect their numbers in captivity.

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