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Sambirano Bamboo Lemur

Hapalemur occidentalis

Sambirano bamboo lemurs were previously known as western grey gentle lemurs, but have recently been recognised as a full species, rather than subspecies.



Size: Head-body length – 27 - 28cm, Tail length – 36 - 39cm
Weight: 700 - 800g



Sambirano bamboo lemurs are found in deciduous and humid forests of northern Madagascar.



Not much is known about their diet, but these lemurs mainly eat bamboo and bamboo vines. However they have been found in forests where bamboo is absent.



These lemurs usually give birth to 1 infant after a pregnancy of around 5 months. The young is carried around for the first 3 weeks on its mother’s belly, after which it rides on her back.



The Sambirano bamboo lemur is threatened in the wild by habitat loss for timber and charcoal production and hunting.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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