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Silvery Marmoset

Mico argentatus

Marmosets are a type of small ‘New World’ monkey. They possess specially adapted teeth to feed on sap and gum from trees.



Size: Average 21.6cm, Tail length – 29.2cm
Weight: 273 – 435g



Silvery marmosets are found in the lowland forests of Brazil living in groups of between 4 and 15. They are mainly diurnal (active during the day).



Silvery marmosets are omnivores (plant and meat eaters), eating fruit, flowers, insects, and even frogs and lizards! However most of their diet is made up of sap and gum from trees.



It is usually only the dominant female within the group that breeds and she will give birth to twins after a pregnancy of around 4½ months. Young are weaned (start eating sold food) at 6 months old.



Although not classed as endangered this species is in decline, mainly due to habitat loss for road construction, logging and cattle ranching. Thankfully it is found in a number of protected areas.

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