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Please be aware that due to construction work our main catering outlets are currently closed for some exciting development work.  However, a limited menu is available from our smaller take away outlets and some sheltered seating near the entrance. We will soon be reopening a table seated pizzeria and a locally sourced all day menu café. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates!

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Spectacled Owl

Pulsatrix perspicillata

In Brazil the spectacled owl is known as the ‘knocking owl’ because their call sounds like the continuous tapping of a woodpecker!



Size: 43 - 52cm
Weight: 590 - 980g



The spectacled owl lives in thick tropical rainforests, wetlands and savannahs, from Mexico to South America.



These owls are nocturnal (active at night) and hunt a variety of prey, including small mammals, insects and birds.



Nests are built in hollow trees and 2-3 eggs are laid and incubated for 5 weeks. The chicks are white and will change colour many times before having their adult plumage.



Spectacled owls are not believed to be endangered as they have a large population that appears to be stable.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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