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White-bellied Pygmy Marmoset

Callithrix pygmaea niveiventris

The pygmy marmoset is the smallest living ‘New World’ primate with its head and body length ranging from only 5.2cm to 11.7cm!



Size: Head/body length – 5.2 - 11.7cm
Weight: 120g - 130g



The white-bellied pygmy marmoset is also known as the eastern pygmy marmoset. They are found in parts of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia.



These marmosets are gum-feeding specialists, with long lower incisors to gnaw holes in the bark of certain trees to stimulate sap production. They will also feed on fruit and insects.



Females can breed twice a year and after a pregnancy of around 5 months usually twins are born. The adult males and other group members will help carry the offspring.



Although pygmy marmosets are not currently classed as endangered, they are hunted in parts of their range and captured for the pet trade. In some areas habitat loss is a threat.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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