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Key Stage 2

Hands on Learning!

Key Stage 2 Programme

Each Key Stage 2 Discovery Session involves a selection of small animals from a variety of groups (e.g. insects, molluscs, reptiles and mammals) and biofacts that the children can touch and hold. Each session has particular learning goals, however all of them will touch on habitats, food, classification and conservation.

These are hands-on sessions, with no written work and are designed to bring classwork to life. Children will be encouraged to ask and answer questions and participation of the trusted adults in the group will help the less confident of the children get the most from this experience. If you have particular requirements or would like to order a specific mini-trail (50p trail, with a pen) for use around the Zoo, please inform us at the time of booking.

Sort It Out!

Find out all about who is who in the Animal Kingdom! Discover why classification is important and how we classify different species. Get up close to some smaller creatures as we sort the vertebrates from the invertebrates! This sessions also includes a simple introduction to using keys.

Grub’s Up

What clues do animals’ skulls and teeth give us about their diet? Meet herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and discover how these animals are part of the food chain. Also find out how the right types of foods and exercise keeps you and the Zoo animals healthy!

Cubs, Nymphs & Larvae

Come along to Banham Zoo and you’ll always see a baby or two! During your Discovery Session your group will learn about offspring and the changes that occur as animals grow to be adults. What does an animal need to grow? Do their mums and dads look after them? Do they look the same throughout their life cycle?

Muscles, Bones & So Much More!

We are looking ‘under the skin’ to compare and contrast humans and other animals. How do they move around and protect themselves? What shape are snake organs and how do they digest their prey? Meet vertebrates and invertebrates and see incredible biofacts including zoo x-rays, shed skins and bones!

Who Lives Where?

Animals are found all around the globe and have amazing adaptations to allow them to survive. Sessions can be tailored to cover a specific habitat or country of choice.

Was the Sabre-toothed Tiger really a Tiger?

When did the first animals evolve on Earth? How can we find out about animals that do not exist today? See fossils and look at the differences between a sabre-toothed tiger and a modern tiger skull. Find out about evolution and extinction and how humans are affecting animals today.

Junior Zookeepers – Maths Matters!

Weights, fractions and geometry too – all the things we use at the Zoo! Your students will get hands on with some practical problems and gain the Junior Zookeeper Maths Master certificate!

Just For Fun!

Including animal and biofact handling – this is a great chance for a fun experience at the end of term or when no specific learning goals are required.

Topic Of Your Choice

Please contact the Education Department directly via to discuss tailoring sessions to meet your needs.

We encourage photographs to be taken as they make a wonderful addition to a child’s learning journey. Please ensure all relevant consent has been obtained.

Sessions last approximately 45 mins and can seat up to 30 people.

Sessions are charged at £25 and include an education pack.
Sessions can be booked by contacting or contacting the Education Department directly on 01953 887771 (option 3).

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