Admission Prices Inc. Donation Exc. Donation
Adult £23.00 £20.68
Children (3-15 Years) £16.50 £15.00
Under 3's £1.10 £1.00
Concession (Senior 65+/Student) £19.25 £17.50
Registered Disabled    
Child / Adult / Carer £11.00 £10.00

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Visitor’s Code

Our visitor’s code is compiled for your safety to ensure your visit to our zoo is a safe and happy one

Safety Barriers

Never climb on, over or under them, barriers are provided to keep you at a safe distance from possible harm.

Do not feed the animals

All animals receive specially prepared diets, and unsuitable foods could cause them distress. Unauthorised feeding could put you and the animals at risk.

Some exceptions include: Llamas, rats, goats and sheep in the Farm Barn. All food given to these animals must be provided from the animal feed machines.

Respect the animals

Please remember you are visitors to their home, go quietly, do not cause alarm to the animals by inconsiderate behaviour.

Children must be accompanied

Without exception, all children under 16 years of age are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times whilst in the zoo, for their safety and for the welfare of the animals in our care.

Scooters, roller skates, ball games

Due to the nature of the zoo we ask visitors not to bring in scooters, roller skates, roller shoes, or balls into the zoo.

Selfie Sticks

For animal welfare reasons selfie sticks must not be used beyond public barriers. Thank you for your support with this.


For the safety of the animals and our guests the use of drones in or over the zoo is strictly prohibited.

Smoking and Vaping

Banham Zoo is a no smoking zoo.  For the comfort of our animals and guests, we respectfully ask that those who wish to smoke, including those using electronic cigarettes or vaping, use the designated smoking areas as highlighted on the zoo map. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dogs and Pets

We like them too, but not in the zoo. This prevents any possible distress to the animals – guide dogs are also not allowed in the zoo.

We do not allow dogs to be left in cars unless accompanied by a responsible adult, even with ventilation and water, on our site because we cannot guarantee that sufficient shade will be available. This applies at any time of year and weather conditions.

Anyone found leaving dogs in their car will asked to leave the zoo. We take this very seriously and take our guidance from the RSPCA –

Commercial Filming

Permission must be obtained from the Zoo Management prior to your arrival, for any filming or photography that is intended for commercial purposes.

To find out specific information on prices, opening times and how to find us, please use the menu to navigate. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact ZOO HQ on 01953 887771 option 2.

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